Dance Of Love
I'm dancing the world in search of you.
...salsa, swing, cha cha, rumba and Argentine tango too.

I dance from East to West and I pray that I will find
..."You," my love, and make your heart mine.

Then I heard people say that Love is dead
...but I refused to believe a word they said.

It was the one and only thing that I still hoped to find.
If others found theirs, how could I find mine?

If love were really dead I wouldn't want to live.
If Love were really dead what else would I have to give?

It seems my whole life has been waiting for the day
...when I'd dance across the floor and see Love coming my way.

I found Love in my dreams once but now I can't recall.
If I could find my own true love I'd gladly give my all.

Other people are falling in love as year after year goes by why with all of those that I dance I ask, "Why oh why can't I?"

I tell myself it's fate that has someone special in store.
...or should I settle now for less if I can not wait anymore?

So now I'm told that Love has passed.
Without Love how much longer can my dancing last?

So join with me in this great cause.
Let's not give up the search or even pause.

On minutes or just seconds it could depend
...whether our hearts finally meet or miss each other again.

Believe with me that Love is still around.
Believe with me that Love still can be found.

...and finally when you find me and I finally find you
...I sincerely promise our "Dance of Love" will always ...always be true.

Written by
Albert V. Sheppard
April 27, 2003
a melody
...believing in the dance.

Copyrighted April, 2003 Global Media 503 234 7003

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