The Dancing Princess

The Afghanistan Princess

I knew from the start
...that she had captured my heart.

She danced with such energy and joy ...and was soooo much fun.
I couldn't help but think, "She must be the one."

I saw her dancing with all of her might a corner with her girlfriend ...and that wasn't right.

I knew right away that she did not belong. Afghanistan princess among this dancing throng.

All the men hestitated ...afraid she might say "No".
...but I was called by her eyes and had no choice but to go.

She let me teach her a Latin dance or two.
...while the other male dancers turned jealous and blue.

I thought to myself "God! ...What a lucky find."
Already I was wondering, "Could I ever make her mine?"

...and then came the other men bees to the hive
...but the princess wasn't having any of their jive. I bided my time while their games grew weak.
It was only then that I began to speak.

As we danced she held my hand gently and gazed into my eyes.
It was a precious tribute and my greatest prize.

She said, "I truly love to dance and don't want to ever stop"
"...but I think I'd better go now before I drop."

Her feet were still dancing as she moved off the dance floor.
...and my eyes lingered long as she disappeared through the door.

So a fairytale ...a princess in disguise at the ball..."
She was no common dancer was apparent to us all.

Written November 28, 2002
by Al Sheppard
for the Afghanistan Princess
...because you left a glass slipper.

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