My Red Hot Chili Pepper

She's red hot to the touch.
I thought it might be too much

...but I dared to dance the salsa with this red hot Mexican Miss.
Ay chiguaga!!!!!! ...ay chiquaga!!!!!! I think I have to p_ss!

She's made of chili and spice
...and everything nice.

...but now I wish I chose some fahitas,
...with molé, frijoles and some cooler chicas.

She kissed me only one time
...but now I've lost my mind.
My hair is on fire I touched a live wire.

I have one foot taping mariachi ...and the other cha cha cha.
All the people think I'm loco ... and they're are laughing ha ha ha.

Perhaps I've been bewitched and will never more be free
...but with cupid's hot arrows in my eyes ...I can hardly even see.

My eyes see many colors that before I've never seen
...and l constantly hear music ... what could this ever mean?

She gave me fair warning that I'd better not mess around
...but I had no idea of what a hot chili pepper I had really found

So if ever you should see me ... and take pity on my soul
...give me a glass of ice water to cool down my hot a_s hole!!!

Written January 20, 2002
by Al Sheppard
...just for fun

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