The Golden Shoes

I could not believe what I saw as she sauntered through the door.
All the dancers parted wide as she stepped onto the ballroom floor.

My heart skipped a beat as I saw those golden shoes.
The men all shuffled to the rhythm and hoped that she would choose.

I knew there was no way that I would ever get a chance meet this beautiful vision and ask her for a dance.

...but when our eyes met as we passed side by side
...I led her in an outside turn and we flung our arms out wide.

...and now we came together dancing face to face that hot salsa beat began to quicken the pace.

My mind was no longer my own as we flowed smoothly heart to heart.
Don't ever let this music stop. Don't ever let us part.

All the dancers stopped to watch as we kicked it to the beat.
Dancing out of our heads ...the temperature rose ...Wow! ...that hot Latin heat!

Her golden shoes, beauty, class and style - how lucky could I be?
Whatever magic has captured my heart don't ever set it free!

Too soon the music no longer played and I watched her walk away.
I knew my heart would never be the same after this once in a lifetime day.

Written August 27, 2002
by Albert V. Sheppard
...because we danced
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