The 4th Man Tango
-The Last Tanguero-
The story of this Russian beauty will long be told
...for no greater love story could ever unfold.

She left her Mother Russia in search of love and gold
...but love and yellow metal soon left her feelings cold.

"You must learn to tango," a wise woman said.
"You will soon find the right man to love and share your bed."

"You will find a new truth in this dance," the beautiful lady was told.
"The truth in the man is in the dance you will behold."

"How can the Tango reveal truth in a man?"
"...because Tango reveals the heart, mind and soul like nothing else can."

She met handsome tangueros from far and near.
In abrazo she danced ...ocho cortado, secada ...and had no fear.

The first tanguero stepped up to try his hand.
"Be mine ...and I'll dance with you the best that I can."

He danced his dance as best he could
...but alas his rhythm was not understood.

The second tanguero stood up to take the floor
...he too left the Lady wanting much more.

Then came the third tanguero who danced straight to her heart.
He promised on his honor that they would never ever part.

...but just when the connection felt so right
...the third tanguero danced out of sight.

"That's it! No more!" ...and she hung up her shoes.
"I can't get rid of this pain and these god awful blues."

In time there came a 4th man to tango and the connection felt great.
"You have to keep dancing," he said, "because the music won't wait."

She put on her shoes and they sparkled with light.
She knew it was a sign that the 4th man's tango was right.

They held each other closely as the Tango wailed on
...and danced at the Milongas until well past dawn.

Whenever you see them you will hear their loving laughter
...for as this story is told they lived happily ever after.

Written by
Albert V. Sheppard
February 24th, 2003
The Lady from Russia
...because of the connection, her smile and her eyes.

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