The Mystery Melody of Tango
Just an ordinary day and a Tango night
...when I turned and glimpsed a magnificent sight.

"Incredible!" I said as she unveiled her face.
"Who is this mystery lady? ...such exotic grace!"

She was slender, curvaceous and dressed all in black.
Her long soft hair trailed down her back.

Lost in this vision I hated to stare
...but I had to Tango with her and I just didn't care.

Our dance will tell if what I see is true
...and if the beauty that I see runs through and through.

Our bodies came together as we assumed the embrace.
We stepped to the music... Our hearts quickened the pace.

From the very first step our connection was great. sink deeper into this dream I could not wait.

Never before had I felt so complete.
...forward, side, back, stepping... collecting feet.

Slow, twisting, turning, check step, swivel, ocho cortada.
...left, right, left... outside... left, right, cross... secada.

Deep in the grip of the Tango and her sweet caress
...I wanted to dance with her forever... I have to confess.

We danced the Tango until the end
...and then Tangoed and danced and danced again.

Then she put on her veil and started to go.
"Who are you mystery lady? I really must know"

"So how is it that you dance the Tango like you do?"
"This closeness I feel is strange and new."

"With you I hear music like none I've heard before."
"It's your own vision you see... shall I dare to tell you more?"

"Take care... fall not under the spell... for I too must confess
...that the notes that you hear can never be possessed."

"For I am the spirit of Tango and Melody is my name for you and me My Love, Tango shall forever be our game.

Just an ordinary day and a Tango night
...when I turned and glimpsed her fading from sight.

Written by
Albert V. Sheppard
March 23, 2003
May the vision last.

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